A Life-changing experience

Regardless of whether you’re ready for it, motherhood is a life-changing experience. As we get caught up in the whirlwind of the needs of our mini-me, how do we find time for ourselves and accomplish everything we need to do?

Giving ourselves permission

Children are a never-ending project – as they grow, their learning abilities change, their personalities and preferences change, their needs change. 

Likewise, our to-do list for the kids changes in tandem and the fact is, no matter how hard you try, it really isn’t feasible to accomplish everything.

Women need to recognise that we can do a great many things but doing everything is not healthy or necessary. It is important to give ourselves permission to not have to do everything. 

Is your support system a good team?

We talked about the struggles mothers face with their support system. Especially ones that aren’t proactive yet trivialise our feelings of stress because everything we ask them to do seems so simple and doesn’t justify the amount of stress we are experiencing over it.

What they don’t realise, is the invisible amount of thought and mental load from needing to think ahead, make things work and instruct them.

Imagine playing an MMORPG, with team players who stand around doing nothing, relying on you to instruct them how to use their skills at every single turn – confirm die.

We have the perfect guide to help men get it. 

What do we do now?

How many times have you heard this question and felt frustrated? 

We talked about how decision making has evolved from a privilege to a burden when it comes to motherhood, especially when it is a routine decision that isn’t centred around a special occasion, like a date.

We also discuss how any one decision isn’t as simple as it seems to be. What are the million questions mothers consider when the family goes out to eat? We break this down, along with some tips and hacks on our blogpost here.

Self-care, is not selfishness

Mummy burnout. It shouldn’t happen because mothers are supposedly superwomen, but it does. 

It is important for mothers to set and establish boundaries within their relationships between them and their family members; and children. Our children they will never stop asking for our attention, our love, our time. But rather than let our kids dictate how we spend our time, or allow family members to say, “see, they prefer mommy!” as their excuse, mothers must be strong enough to stand firm to say, I need this time. 

We personally know it’s really very difficult to extract yourself away from your kids – especially when your support system is not really willing to help out, or have weird ideas on the best way to help out. (Our real-life experiences are always a podcast-exclusive!) 

So rather than find time for self-care, mothers have to deliberately make time for self-care. 

How do you regroup, rejuvenate your spirits and regain your enthusiasm for motherhood?

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Next week, we’ll be talking about early childhood literacy – enrichment centres and extra-cirricular activities, are they necessary? How do we plan for it? How much is too much?

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