Can memory loss occur during pregnancy? Well as per research, it can. The term ‘Momnesia’ or ‘Pregnancy Brain’ IS a thing and there is absolutely nothing to feel guilty about, Mummies. Your amazing bodies are busy putting together the most important life form so it is no surprise that this important preoccupation, brings with it a little forgetfulness. It is not a complete memory loss per se – more so, a difficulty in forming and remembering newer memories as opposed to the ease of recalling older memories that are more familiar. The preoccupation with baby making, the hormone surges, getting accustomed to bodily changes, dealing with stress and anxiety, all while trying to get enough sleep – is no easy feat. Sleep deprivation is known to negatively impact cognitive performance, which in turn, leads to memory loss. But fret not, there is hope yet. Memory loss during pregnancy is not a permanent condition! Thank heavens! Your memory typically gets better usually about a year postpartum. For now, here are 3 quick tips on how you can manage the memory loss and keep it from disrupting your days!


Set Alarms and Notifications –  Your phone is always with you which makes it your biggest asset. Use it to set reminders for important tasks and have the tasks snoozing throughout the day until you get around to completing them. So, it doesn’t matter how many tasks you have lined up for the day – the constant reminders that you can control (thanks to the snooze option) sure helps to ease the mental load.


Get Plenty of Sleep and Exercise – Between a growing belly and making a baby, coupled with a gazillion things on your to-do list to prepare for the arrival of your bundle of joy, getting a good night’s rest seems like an impossibility. But if you try to get at least 8 to 9 hours of solid sleep daily, your cognitive performance will improve considerably and hopefully, along with it, your memory too. Exercising regularly is another effective way to keep your mind sharp and help you to stay alert. Stick to a good exercise regime or relax with some simple yoga techniques (that has been approved by your gynaecologist) to sharpen your mind and ease your mental load.


Prioritize and Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff! – Multitasking at this stage can prove a little overwhelming and may seem like an uphill battle. Slow down, take a breather and then rearrange your to-do list in order of importance. Prioritizing is the key here. Spend more energy on things that are most important and delegate the other small tasks to your spouse or other family members. Pregnancy gives you the best excuse to kick back and relax a little and let your loved ones take care of YOU for a change. 

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