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Pam Tan
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Our Hopes and Dreams

What are our hopes and dreams for our children? This week, we shared our personal aspirations and dreams for our children; and how our current actions are a reflection of what we hope to achieve for our children.  What worries you most?  What motivates you most in this parenthood journey? What is the ideal dream …

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Family and Finances

Rather than spend the precious little time we have outside of work on planning finances (because as we all know, there’s no such thing as “free time” for any parent), we tapped onto the minds of three financial advisors in our parent community to share how they plan for themselves and their clients. The Mumsclub …

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How We Cope

There’s no two ways about it – parenthood is tough, mentally draining and (sometimes) depressing. So how do we cope; live well and find the inner strength (and patience) to be the best version of ourselves?  We asked members of our community; and here’s what they had to say. Bullet Journaling Are you a read …

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The Cyberthreats our Children Face

Freedom and Privacy in their Online Interactions Some of us with older kindergarteners might have faced this already with online classes – they find our presence to be embarrassingly uncool in front of their teachers and peers. The current generation actively uses the internet and various media platforms, at an unprecedented rate. If adults have …

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Staying Safe Online

Our mommy team has come up with an infographic with important information to communicate with your children, especially if they are independently managing their own social media platforms / online interactions without supervision. Remember – children learn by copying, imitating and observing. If “friends” whom they look up to, or perceive to be “standards” by …

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A Method for Every Learner

Each child has his or her individual strengths and weaknesses – as parents, how can we help our children cope with certain routines and environments that aren’t a “perfect match” for their learning preferences?  Our mommy team has come up with a few examples on how parents can help their children out!   #1 Financial …

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