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Are you pregnant…and feeling slightly stressed and anxious?

Did you know that your maternal mood during pregnancy and after childbirth may affect breastfeeding, your ability to cope with motherhood and your child’s development?

Investigating a probiotic on mothers’ mood and stress (Promote Study)

by SICS A*STAR [IRB Approved]

Study Description: This PROMOTE study will investigate if a probiotic powder (taken as a drink) can help improve your mood, and whether it is best consumed during pregnancy and/or after delivery.

Duration: 6 months (The study begins at the start of the third trimester of pregnancy and ends three months after delivery.)

Venue: conducted online via video conferencing.


  • Pregnant women, recruiting from week 20 to 30 of pregnancy (even if you don't fall precisely within this window, please feel free to register your interest if you are keen to participate and we will get back to you)
  • Aged above 21
  • In good health
  • Having a singleton, low-risk pregnancy
  • Willing to stay in the study until three months after delivery

You will be reimbursed for your time and contribution.

#Open till 31 Jul 2021

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