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Our Hopes and Dreams

What are our hopes and dreams for our children? This week, we shared our personal aspirations and dreams for our children; and how our current actions are a reflection of what we hope to achieve for our children.  What worries you most?  What motivates you most in this parenthood journey? What is the ideal dream …

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Food & Nutrition – Part Four

You are what you eat! This week, we talked about food as a key factor in determining your overall mood, health, skin conditions such as eczema and immunity.  Eczema For all the differences in opinion that scientists, wellness experts, dieticians and various health experts may have – they all agree that eczema is a chronic …

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Food & Nutrition – Part Three

This week, we talked about screen time during meal times – a boon or a bane? We also talked about managing meal times with infants and our fussy, bossy toddlers.  Screen Time During Meals How many of us automatically turn on a video or k-drama when we’re alone breastfeeding or eating?  It’s relaxing, entertaining and …

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Food & Nutrition – Part Two

This week, we talked about the crazy, complicated relationship that we women have during pregnancy and the postpartum period. We also talked about cultivating good eating habits with our children; and how we can encourage them to make healthier, better choices on their own.  Food Cravings Nutritionists believe that food cravings; and the crazy combinations …

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Food & Nutrition – Part One

It’s the second season of Mummy Matters and this season is all about Food & Nutrition. This week, we reviewed the science behind the Health Promotion Board’s (“HPB”) Quarter, Quarter, Half plate, talked about whether the trendy keto and low carb high fat diets could be the solution for conditions such as gestational diabetes and …

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Parenting in a Pandemic

This week on Mummy Matters, we talked about how we survived the circuit breaker with our families, discussed how the new mask-wearing norm has possibly affected various aspects of our children’s development and talked about how to use hand sanitisers safely.  Covid-19 won’t be the last Pandemic We sobered up to the realisation that with …

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