The Key To Healthy Pregnancy And Nursing – What Mummies Need To Know About Their Immune System

Did you know that your immune system plays a big part in helping you get pregnant, stay pregnant and deliver your baby? However, this also leaves you more susceptible to infections as your immune system is in a state of flux while your body undergoes some really intense changes during pregnancy. Here’s what to expect …

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The Cyberthreats our Children Face

Freedom and Privacy in their Online Interactions Some of us with older kindergarteners might have faced this already with online classes – they find our presence to be embarrassingly uncool in front of their teachers and peers. The current generation actively uses the internet and various media platforms, at an unprecedented rate. If adults have …

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Review: Cognitive Toys by Babycare

Suitable for: 6m+ Best features: Interactive toys with educational mode, with numbers, colours, alphabets, shapes and animal sounds and lighting. Great design, with no sharp edges and made of eco-friendly material that is safe to chew Worst features: Requires battery, not waterproof, sound can be irritating (as with all sound toys) after prolonged play Price: …

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What’s Your Craving?

Nutritionists believe that our cravings are rooted in nutritional deficiencies. So, what could those cravings mean?  We empathise with every mother who is struggling with cravings that are hard to deny, yet trying to stick to a specific diet due to religion, personal beliefs or other reasons. Check out our guide below for possible substitutions! …

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Inflammatory Foods to Avoid

Inflammatory foods to avoid Much of the literature out there is very Western-focused, so we’ve taken it upon ourself to hit the ground, do the research, read the labels and customise this list for Asian kitchens. With our help, we hope that you and your family can gain a deeper and better understanding of how …

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Eating Well, Eating Right

Eating Well, Eating Right Most of us would fondly remember the food pyramid being taught to us in schools, but with more scientific studies and research conducted on food and nutrition, the Health Promotion Board launched its new My Healthy Plate in 2014, to reflect the significant changes in its nutrition recommendations. (source: HealthHub SG) …

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Growing a Baby Bump

How do you feel when pregnant? Pregnancy brings about many changes over 9 months, the most visible being the appearance of a baby bump. If you’re a first-time mother, this may be the most wondrous and curious part of pregnancy as you experience your belly getting bigger and bigger. But what exactly does your belly …

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