Mums Club Exclusive Gift Bags

We know that being a mum is tough

Pregnancy is a rough 9 months but birth and recovery can be even more taxing on a new mother. According to Journal of Human Lactation (Radha S., Xena G., StephanieM. and Anne M., 2013), 81.4% of new mother find it difficult and have no direction ofchoosing good products for themselves and their love ones.

That is why, we have curated the Mumsclub: MUMS CHOICE DISCHARGE BAG! An useful discharge bag that is positively associated with raising a new born. MUMSCLUB SINGAPORE aim to provide support that mothers will need. It is an initiative by a mother and encouragingly supported by many big brands and businesses. Our Hospital Discharge Bag is a non-profit project which aims to help you or your love ones on this new and daunting journey with a lot of useful products. Apart from that, you can also activate your MUMSCLUB membership upon checking out of the hospital.

After activating the card via our website, mothers are able to enjoy lots of perks and discounts from our valued partners.

Sign up here and find out more information at our privileges section.

What's in the Bag?

Puku Mittens & Booties set

Bambino Breast Milk Storage Bag

BB Warehouse Diaper

Hustsing Gift Card Set

Dr Brown

Dr Brown Travel Skin Cream

Isa Uchi

Isa Uchi Ice Pack


Medela Milk Bottle


Recaro Onesie


If you are interested to participant in this meaningful project, do not hesitate to contact and find out more surprise!

81 Toh Guan Road East, SECOM Centre, #03-01. Singapore 608606