Got a new baby on the way? Time to declutter and get the house ready for the new arrival. Research suggests that a neat and tidy home not only breeds positivity but also promotes good health, both physically and mentally.

But we can all agree, that keeping things neat and tidy with a newborn in tow can be a challenging feat. So, here is a step by step guide to help you stay on top of things, while leaving you plenty of time to snuggle and bond with baby when he or she arrives.

  1. Keep only the things you absolutely need

According to tidying guru Marie Kondo, you should only keep the things that ‘spark joy’ –meaning, things that you will actually use in the near future. With a new baby on the way, it is perhaps a good time to stop hoarding and declutter. Go through everything you have and sort them into three piles; items for keeping, for donating and for recycling or discarding. While it is tempting to hold on to every item, remember to only keep the ones you are more likely to use in the next six months.

  • Hand-me-downs are God sent and a great way to save money!

Babies are well known for growth spurts which means, they outgrow their clothes really quickly. So, if you have friends or family members who recently had a baby, check if they have any preloved clothing or baby items that they are ready to give away. Again, take only what you need to avoid holding on to more items than what is necessary.

  • Invest in a baby changing station

From diapers to wet wipes, changing mats to cute baby clothes – these items are better kept together and in a place that is easily accessible.  A good baby changing station helps to keep all baby essentials neatly organised and within reach – in case of an ‘explosive’ diaper.

Organise and label baby’s clothes according to their age range so you won’t have to sort through a massive pile just to find an age appropriate one for your growing bub!

  • Sterilise and sanitise everything before baby is born

Dealing with unsterilised and un-sanitised bottles and baby equipment when you come home from the hospital can be overwhelming when the bub is screaming for a feed. To avoid that stressful situation, sterilise and sanitise bottles, pacifiers and wash all baby items including their clothes ahead of time and store them in vacuum-sealed bags.

  • If it is out of your sight, it will be out of your mind!

If you have older kids and their strewn toys threatens your sanity, storage bins are your next best friend. Head to the home organisation section in your department store and shop for some storage bins (with covers).  They are great for storing stray building blocks and other bits and pieces of toys.  Throw the toys into the bin, put the lid back on and stow them away in a corner! When everything has a place and when everything is in place, you will have less things to worry about when baby arrives!

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