Mummy Pam


Mumpreneur, mother of four, fitness enthusiast and now podcaster, this extraordinary multi-hyphenate believes that the key to living a successful life is approaching everything with a purpose. Tune in to Mummy Matters for all her #mummyhacks

Mummy Ruth


Mother of two, business consultant, content creator and podcast producer, Ruth is an avid reader who is constantly in the state of becoming. Becoming a better mother, a better wife, a better daughter, a better friend. Join her on her journey on Mummy Matters.

Mummy Matters Podcast

join two mothers on their motherhood journey, as they delve into the science behind the craziness of modern motherhood and share their own epic experiences.

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The Dilemma about Enrichment Centres and Classes

We asked YOU and many of you shared your worries, concerns and doubts about enrichment classes.  Many of you expressed guilt over enrolling just to soothe your anxiety about your child falling behind, without a clear idea whether this was the right decision, or the most appropriate class. Many of you also felt classes are …

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Our Hopes and Dreams

This week, we shared our personal aspirations and dreams for our children; and how our current actions are a reflection of what we hope to achieve for our children.  What worries you most?  What motivates you most in this parenthood journey? What is the ideal dream that keeps you going?    As adults who have …

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Parenting in a Pandemic

This week on Mummy Matters, we talked about how we survived the circuit breaker with our families, discussed how the new mask-wearing norm has possibly affected various aspects of our children’s development and talked about how to use hand sanitisers safely.  We sobered up to the realisation that with global travel and increased intrusions into …

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Parenting Styles – What Kind of Parent are you?

What kind of parent are you? [Take our quiz here] What drives you to communicate, discipline and show affection to your child, the way that you do? We explored the nuances of parenting in this podcast; and discussed four key aspects of parenting – affection and responsiveness, discipline, parent practices and communication.       How do …

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Parenting with Caregivers

What does it mean to be a mommy in this modern day and age?  With disruptive technology, changing societal norms and greater awareness of how a mother’s role can impact a child’s development and growth, modern motherhood is vastly different from what it was just a decade ago. Today, we talked about the divide between …

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Parenting Hacks and being a Productive Work-from-Home Parent

This week on Mummy Matters, we talked our parenting hacks we’ve discovered over the years, how to be productive while working from home (with the kids!) and shared the details of our first exciting giveaway. We are giving away a total of 6 vouchers which can be utilised on our e-shop. 2x $25 2x $40 …

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