What are our hopes and dreams for our children?

This week, we shared our personal aspirations and dreams for our children; and how our current actions are a reflection of what we hope to achieve for our children. 

What worries you most? 

What motivates you most in this parenthood journey?

What is the ideal dream that keeps you going? 


An Adult’s Perspective

As adults who have gone through our own disappointments and life experience, sometimes we feel it is better to help our children be more practical and realistic with their ambitions.

At the same time, we have to balance this with a child’s optimism and bright-eyed enthusiasm for the future. 

Different people have different definitions on what it means to “do well” in life. What is your definition? 

We also talked about the changing world amidst digital disruptions and how it has changed and transformed various industries, while creating new career paths for the digitally savvy.

Financial literacy was another topic that we touched upon. Are you a parent who believes it is your responsibility to ensure your child graduates debt-free? Or do you feel that your child should take responsibility (and be incentivised) to work harder through a debt, while providing for your child through some other means? 

We tapped onto the knowledge of several financial advisors who are parents themselves, to share their perspectives. Read about it here.


The Pervasiveness of Social Media

How has social media shaped how you perceive and feel about your life? We talked about inferiority complex; and the demoralising feelings of inadequacy. 

We discussed the importance of re-framing our perspective when it comes to social media – every accomplishment, every achievement is the product of “invisible” days and months’ worth of effort. How we choose what to make of our life, how to spend our time, is up to us.

What life lessons do you think are most important to share and pass down to your children? 


Choices we Regret

As parents, we are the biggest influencers on their perspectives on life, their decisions and aspirations – however, does this truly reflect their passions and strengths? We talked about peers or acquaintances who experienced mid-life crises or gave up their careers to forge a new path ahead. 

If you’re a parent yourself going through such a crisis, but have no choice but to forge ahead due to financial obligations to the family, how can we gain mental clarity and come to terms with your own priorities and choices in life?

Read our blogpost here to learn about the coping mechanisms our community has shared with us.


Talk to us!

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Next week, we’ll be talking about our dreams and what the parents of today value most when it comes to their children. Academics? Values? Independence? Character, or Occupation?

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