This week on Mummy Matters, we talked our parenting hacks we’ve discovered over the years, how to be productive while working from home (with the kids!) and shared the details of our first exciting giveaway. We are giving away a total of 6 vouchers which can be utilised on our e-shop.

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Parenting Hack #1 the Mumsclub Baby Box

Did you know our Mumsclub Baby Box was inspired by Finland’s baby box initiative? This was hugely successful ever since it was introduced in the 1930s, with Finland’s infant mortality rates dropping from 65 out of every 1,000 babies to 2.5 out of every 1,000 babies. Singapore’s infant mortality rate was 7.2 out of every 1,000 babies in 2019, suggesting there’s still room for our infant mortality rate to be reduced.

We loved using the Baby Box as a safe, portable place to put our babies, whether it’s at various spots in the home, or when visiting our parents. Remember, exposure and observation is key to stimulating your infant’s observation skills! 

Our baby box is full of goodies that are Mumsclub-approved; and you can even upsize it according to your needs so you can treasure more time with your little one. No headache about comparing long lists of baby products, we’ve done the work for you. Sign up for our Baby Box here.

Parenting Hack #2 Rehearse like the Special Forces

Your parenting journey need not be a whirlwind of confusion, frustration and panic. Rehearse and do a walkthrough of your home. Where could disaster possibly strike? Be strategic in prepping your weapons of salvation – tissues, wet wipes, rags, diapers, plastic bags. 

Check out our guide here!

Parenting Hack #3 Get your toys to do double duty

Children love it when concepts come to life. Use lego blocks and cards to bring Chinese characters or fractions to life!

We also talked about a money-saving hack to reuse activity books for multiple children; and a time saving hack of having a convenient “go” bag with the children’s essentials.

Read about these parenting hacks in detail in our post here.

Parenting Hack #4 Creating a “work space” at home

When parents are at home, kids naturally have the expectation that the parents are going to interact with them. So how can parents be productive when working from home?

Pam shared how she created a “work space” at home at the dining table – where the family regularly gathers together to do their activities, homework, or work. This demarcates the dining table as the official “working” zone. When her children are done, they are free to go and play, but they know not to disturb the others who have not yet left the table. 

Parenting Hack #5 Follow their train of thought

Listen to your children, follow their train of thought then suggest ideas that they can execute on their own. Children are much more likely to follow suggestions and play independently when it is in line with their interest. 

Parenting Hack #6 Forego all your Preconceptions about “perfect” working conditions

Being able to work from home is an incredible opportunity to be present in your children’s childhood. However, parents have to be ready to let go of the traditional work set-up and may have to be more flexible – work from your phone, work from the bedroom, catching moments when they’re eating or bathing… reframe your perspective of how your work should be done. 

The most important thing is to find joy in having your children around, rather than resent them for not bending to your perfect work scenario.

Parenting Hack #7 Get a routine and stick to it

Having a routine where all family members know and are used to doing certain things (e.g. eating / bathing / changing) at certain times, puts everyone on the same page and kids can go on auto-pilot for some tasks. This can give parents more valuable pockets of time to work.

Our first exciting giveaway!!

We’d love to hear stories of joy, horror and insanity from our lovely community out there – do share with us your stories via Facebook and you may stand a chance to win vouchers to our e-shop. 

Contest ends 30 April 2021, winners will be announced via Facebook.

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