Have you ever wondered what it’s like to go through pregnancy as an A-lister? What treats did the Duchess of Cambridge, Kim Kardashian or Fann Wong go through to look radiant throughout their forty weeks? Here are some dibs into how you can and cannot pamper yourself as you grow that bump.

Body Massage

There is a good chance our mothers didn’t indulge in it but a pre-natal massage is essential to dealing with the aches and pains your growing belly exerts on your body. A good pre-natal massage can alleviate the discomfort arising from joint aches, water retained limbs and inflamed sinuses. The infusion of essential oils like lavender or ylang ylang can help not just relieve pain and inflammation but also calm your senses and ensure a good night’s sleep.
• Research a certified pre-natal masseuse or establishment and do a trial with them
• Communicate your points of pain, allergies and threshold when pressure is applied
• Lie flat on your back; this position along with the weight of the baby and the uterus, puts excess pressure on your intestines, the vena cava vein which carries blood from your lower back to the heart, and could potentially limit oxygen supply to the baby.
• Massage key acupressure points in your foot that are could cause uterine contractions. These are usually located on the inside and outside of both ankles below the ankle bone.
• Go for a massage in the first trimester. Most spas accept clients who have crossed the 12th week as it also means a lowered risk of miscarriage.


While the increased estrogen levels are great for a size up in your bra cup, they also bring swelling and acne to the face and limbs in some women. For some others, pigmentation and dry skin also surface. A hydrating facial without chemical peels, laser treatments and a gentle massage will certainly bring some of that much raved about pregnancy glow to your face.
• Ensure you get comfortable pillows for your back and legs so that you’re propped up in the most relaxing position without a strain on your lower back
• Have an open dialogue with your therapist about the products and their ingredients that go into your treatment
• Use any skin-lightening or bleaching agents because they usually contain chemicals
• Allow electric currents or laser therapies on the face and stop if you feel uncomfortable

Manicure & Pedicure

Now that you don’t have to deal with brittle nails, thanks to pregnancy supplements and hormones, there is an added incentive to get them painted and looking lush! There is no winning the debate on whether visiting the nail spa is safe but a rule of thumb would be to avoid any treatment that involves UV-lights, harsh chemicals or too much heat.
• Choose a well-ventilated salon to minimise inhaling those fumes
• Get square-shaped nails as you’re less likely to have ingrown nails which could cause infections
• Get a gelish done in the last few weeks of your pregnancy because in the untoward instance of requiring a surgery, you will be asked to soak off your nail polish and the midwives won’t appreciate that extra work

Hair Spa

It can be tempting to flaunt your crown of glory in its most luscious state during your pregnancy with some colour. Treating your hair right at this stage is so important as you want to do everything possible to combat postpartum hair loss. Whilst most women enjoy zero hair fall and voluminous growth, the hormonal change in some cause oily or scaly scalps.
• Go for ammonia-free products or natural dyes to enhance your hair colour or texture
• Get an essential oils hair spa as opposed to a chemical treatment; flavours like chamomile and rose can help relax your stressed nerves
• Bleach or go under too much heat

There is nothing wrong with a little indulgence. You deserve it all but if you are ever in doubt of the spa treatment you’re about to engage, have a word with your obstetrician. You can never be too safe.”

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