Pregnancy Week 15

You may start to finally sport a bump this week. That’s also because your baby has almost doubled in weight to about 70g this week and is the size of a pear.

How your baby looks this week

As your baby’s lungs develop this week, he/she will be able to inhale the surrounding amniotic fluid. If you take an ultrasound scan this week, you may be able to see swallowing and sucking movements. Whilst your baby’s eyes may still be closed, his/her sense of hearing is developing quickly and may pick up the sounds of your voice, gurgling tummy, and heartbeat.

How you feel at Week 15
The expanding uterus may cause some round ligament pains on the sides of your lower abdomen. This is perfectly normal and can be relieved with a warm compress. However, if the pain becomes sharp and persists, please consult your doctor. For most expectant mums, this is the best time to plan for your postpartum care and whether you are engaging a confinement nanny or enlisting parents’ help.

To-Do List at Week 15
1. Source confinement nanny – with the confinement period being the most important for you to optimise rest and heal, having your baby in trusted hands whilst ensuring you get the best nutrition and home support is important. Here are some tips to landing the right confinement nanny.
2. Get a maternity support belt. A good maternity belt is essential to supporting your growing belly throughout the pregnancy. Find out which one is on sale now.

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