Pregnancy Week 20

Congratulations for making it to the halfway mark of your pregnancy! Less than 5 months to go now, mummy!

How your baby looks this week
You would have your fetal anomaly scan done this week for a detailed assessment of your baby’s development. From this week, your baby will start being measured from crown to heel as he/she is proportionately developed. Weighing between 280 – 300g, your baby’s lengthening body resembles that of a banana.

How you feel at Week 20
At Week 20, you will find out the gender of your baby. Gender reveal parties are now the new baby shower, so plan how you’ll like to find out or reveal your baby’s gender to the rest of the world. With less than five months to go, now is the right time to start purchasing the essentials for your newborn. With the hospital delivery bill being a big-ticket at your EDD, it may be wise to space out your monthly expenses with new purchases.

To-Do List at Week 20
1. Shortlist baby names. Now that you know the gender, this is a fun exercise to involve your partner and draw up a working list to agree on eventually.
2. Select a breast pump that meets your needs and budget. If you’re intending to breastfeed your baby, investing in a good breast pump can be a lifesaver. Find out here how to pick on that fits you.
3. Bank your baby’s cord blood. Leaving this to the last minute could let it go forgotten and you can’t miss the only opportunity you have to save your child’s cord blood. Get an exclusive deal on cord blood banking here.

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