Congratulations! You may have just found out that you’re pregnant because you missed your period.

Now that you have a positive pregnancy test in hand, what do you need to know about this life-changing journey that awaits?

How your baby looks this week [insert pic of tadpole]
Your foetus now resembles a tadpole with key organs like the heart
and the neural tube that connects the spine to the head starting to form. While you may be anxious about seeing your little ball of life right away, it may be too early to detect a heartbeat for most, on an ultrasound. Your obstetrician may suggest waiting another week.

How you feel at Week 5
The typical pregnancy symptoms may not kick in this week but your body is working extremely hard to support this new life. Don’t be surprised if you can’t get through a full working day without an eye shut. Fatigue is common in early pregnancy. Read more [hyperlink to pregnancy fatigue article on website] on how you can overcome it.

To-Do List at Week 5
1. Start on a folic acid supplement if you haven’t. Your body needs at least 400mcg of folic acid per day which is crucial in preventing neural tube defects in your growing foetus.
2. Source an obstetrician. Shortlist a handful of obstetricians, research their reviews and pick one that suits your personality as well as convenience.
3. Take cat naps. Don’t take extra workload at this stage. You will be glad you did this now, in weeks to come!

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