The past week seemed to have crawled by at snail’s pace but this week isn’t going to be very different. If you are anxious and have made your first ante-natal appointment, you will meet your obstetrician this week and introduce yourself to your baby through a transvaginal probe.

How your baby looks this week ?

Your baby’s heartbeat can be heard now and will be a raging 100 beats per minute. He or she is now the size of a lentil and if you look close enough, you will see depressions or dark spots in areas where the eyes, ears and nose will form soon.

How you feel at Week 6
With no visible bump or morning sickness, nobody else may be able to tell you’re pregnant. You could choose to keep this little secret for a few weeks till the pregnancy stabilises. You may, however, experience some hormonal changes, with your breasts feeling tender and emotions overcoming you. The increased blood flow to your kidneys may cause frequent urination at night.

To-Do List at Week 6
1. Talk to your husband and keep him abreast of your emotions
2. Invest in a good maternity bra. Avoid underwired bras and get soft, flexible bras that can accommodate enlarging breasts throughout the pregnancy.
3. Essential oils like lavender, frankincense and chamomile can calm your nerves to ensure good sleep.

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