Baby Box Upsize x Youguth Lady Charming Up and Child Strength Up (1 bottle each) + 1 bottle of Youguth Lady Charming Up at $9.90



Lady Charming Up
Gut Health + Beauty Boost
2g x 30 sachets

Health Meets Beauty
Which one comes first? Inner beauty, or outer beauty? How about both? Lady Charming Up is tailored to promote greater microbial diversity in the female gut, an essential condition for youthful, beautiful skin. Even better, it is also enriched with antioxidants and collagen. Packed in a small convenient sachet, you can always carry your daily beauty boost with you wherever you go.

Improve your Gut Health
When we eat fried, fatty foods, certain meats, and drink alcohol and caffeine, the balance of good bacteria in the gut can be affected. Introducing beneficial probiotics can restore the balance of good bacteria in your digestive system despite the less than ideal diet.

For Beautiful, Healthy Skin
Lady Charming Up also contains an antioxidant, Vitamin C that promotes and help to maintain skin health as well as collagen which is vital for youthful-looking skin.

Child Strength Up
Gut Health + Immunity Boost
2g x 30 sachets

Healthy Kids, Happy Family
Specially formulated for children, Child Strength Up not only helps to ensure a healthy digestive system but also builds a strong immunity to maintain excellent overall health. The best part? It comes in a milk-flavoured, melt-in-your-mouth powder form that your child will absolutely love. It?s just like taking milk, only it?s better for your child?s gut and immune system!

Improve your Gut Health
Children can benefit from Youguth?s special prebiotics and probiotics blend that promotes a healthier balance of good and bad bacteria in your child?s gut microbiome.

For a Strong Immune System
Young children need essential nutrients to support their rapid growth. Colostrum, found in breastmilk right after giving birth, contains immunoglobulins, calcium, phosphate and potassium to boost your child?s immune system. Zinc is vital for a child?s growth and a healthy immune system.

Silver Up
Gut Health + Bone Health
2g x 30 sachets

Active Living with A Healthy Gut
As our body ages, its needs change. That is what Silver Up is for, to give your body what it needs to stay at its best at all times. Silver Up is specially formulated with essential probiotics and manganese to not only ensure a healthy digestive system, but also support bone health and bowel functions so you can stay active and enjoy life.

Improve your Gut Health
As we age, the number and diversity of gut bacteria can decline which allows more bad bacteria to grow in the gut. This can cause irregular bowel movements and other problems. Introducing more good bacteria into the gut helps to promote digestion and softer stools for smoother bowel movements.

For Stronger Bones
Men and women can experience bone density loss as we age over 40 at a rate of up to 3% a year. Manganese is a mineral that Silver Up is fortified with that can help to maintain the health of your bones.


Store in a cool place.
For best results, we recommend storing Youguth in a cool, dry environment away from the sun, no refrigeration needed.


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