Beaba Diaper Family Series Tape Diaper


Beaba Diaper Family Series

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Beaba Diaper Family Series Tape Diaper

Milk is rich in amino acids and casein. The unique milk protein fiber surface layer is silky and tender, for breathability and comfort. Silky and soft unique milk protein fiber surface layer reduces irritation on your baby’s bottom moisturizes and cares for your baby’s skin. 3D honeycomb breathable surface layer, reduces contact area, improves air circulation, releases damp air and heat. Breathable dual layer 3d side leakage protection effectively prevents side leakage, provides a comfortable experience for your baby.


0-3M, 1.5kg, 150ml, 21mm (s size), 21mm/S, 24mm (m size), 24mm/M, 250ml, 27mm (l size), 27mm/L, 3-6M, 30 pcs, 30mm (xl size), 30mm/XL, 37g, 6-12M, 60 pcs, 600ml, 700ml, 7g, 850ml, L(18-24M), M(12-18M), Medium Flow, Size L, Size M, Size S, Size Xl, Slow Flow, Tape L – 42pcs, Tape M – 46pcs, Tape NB – 36pcs, Tape S – 58pcs, Tape XL – 38pcs, XL(24-36M)


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