Bebble Nappy Cream 75ml


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With Shea Butter Oil , Soya Bean Oil, Castor Oil and Zinc Oxide. Right Loving Care from the Start.
|Diaper Protective Care | Suitable for Newborn & Up |

?Protective Care for Healthy Skin ?Moisturise ?Water Repellent ?Easy to Spread

?Dermatologically tested formula with selected hypoallergenic ingredients
?0% Parabens, Artificial colouring
?Animal Origin Free & Alcohol Free

Make nappy changes a fuss-free joy with this gentle protective cream, and relish those special moments with your little angel. Bebble?s nappy cream soothes the delicate baby skin in the nappy area, where it is subjected to wetness and impurities. The cream?s active ingredients keep the skin dry and protect it against irritation. The mild texture creates a thin water-repellent film, preventing moisture loss from disturbing the surface layer of the skin. This cream is rich in natural oils and panthenol, and both protects and nourishes the skin.

?Goodness of Sumac Essence
Originated from the Balkans of Europe, its Sumac Extract is a popular herb used by many Balkan natives due to its strong anti-inflammatory and skin repairing properties. With this long-established natural active ingredient, Bebble has developed an exclusive repair formula for the ?Diaper Care? product line, providing strong defences for the baby’s most sensitive and fragile parts, while promoting skin’s self-repairing power. Sumac is also reowned for its antibacterial properties. The essence is high in tannins, which accounts for its strong natural antioxidant and antibacterial action.

|Bebble Trusted Brand by Mothers | Made & Sold in Europe since 1962 |


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