DPG Baby Box Upsize x Rivadouce BEBE Dry Skin Cleasing Set (Dry Atopic Skin)


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“Your essential cleansing set to combat dry skin in infants. Hypoallergenic formulas used to prevent tightness, itching and dry skin with atopic tendency.


Crème Lavant Surgras (Cleansing Cream 500ml):

A 2-in-1 rinse-able shampoo and body wash which provides gentle cleansing care with its creamy texture. Without soap and fragrance-free, it gently cleanses and protects baby’s skin from dryness. Enriched with superfatting agents, it soothes feelings of tightness and itching on skin. Its creamy texture rinses easily and does not sting the eyes. Suitable for dry skin or atopic tendency.

Lait de Toilette (Cleansing Milk 500ml):

Delicately scented rinse-free cleansing milk suitable for face, body and bottom. A moisturizing and creamy emulsion, it is enriched with vegetable glycerin. It gently cleanses with extreme softness and protects baby’s delicate skin.

At the heart of the formula – extract of white lotus flower has soothing properties as well as moisturizes and soothes.

Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested.

No Parabens. No Phenoxyethanol. No Fragrance.”


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