DR BROWN’S Narrow Neck Glass 8 oz/250ML Bottle Sleeve – Mint


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Bundle up your glass baby bottles with the Dr. Brown?s? Options+? Narrow Glass Baby Bottle Sleeves. Form and function make the Glass Baby Bottle Sleeves an adorably smart way to protect your glass baby bottles. The 100% silicone bottle sleeve helps protect Dr. Brown?s Options+ glass bottles from breakage while in use, while warming, or while in the dishwasher. The fitted bottle sleeve helps you get a good grip even if the bottle is slippery. Featuring a see-through back panel, you can keep an eye on proper measurements. Grab one in every color! Available in Mint Green, Light Pink and Blue. Dr. Brown?s Options+ Narrow Glass Bottle Sleeves are available in 4 oz/120 ml and 8 oz/250 sizes. BPA Free. Dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Included is one (1) Mint Glass Bottle Sleeve for 8 oz/250 ml glass bottles.


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