Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck “Options” Pink Gift Set


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It helps reduce feeding problems, helps digestion and helps preserve vitamins. The nipple venting creates a paced flow, and provides a feeding experience similar to most nipple-vented bottles.

Helps reduce symptons of colic

Proven to help maintain bottle milk vitamins : C, A and E which are critical for health in infancy.

Vacuum-free feeding helps digestion

– Good digestion is essential for babies, particularly newborns.

Fully-vented bottle design closes to bottle feeding.

Internal Vent System and silicone teat work together

– Controlled Flow so babies feed at their own pace

2 x 240ml pink?Dr Brown?s Natural Flow Baby Bottles.
1 x 120ml pink?Dr Brown?s Natural Flow Baby Bottle.
1 x pink Bottle & Teat Brush, which features a combination sponge and bristle brush head to ensure thorough easy cleaning.
2 x Vent Cleaning Brushes.
1 x pink Pre-Vent Soother featuring the Patented Suction-Free Air Channel developed by a Pediatric Dentist.
1 x pink Flexee Teether, which boasts a variety of texture combinations to stimulate the gums and mouth.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm


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