FRIDGE-TO-GO Pack N Go Sb Cooler Bag


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Fridge-To-Go Pack N Go Sb Cooler Bag

Fridge-To-Go Pack N Go SB Cooler Bag is a portable fridge cooler bag that requires no battery or ice to function. It bridges the gap between traditional cooler bags and battery/power-operated travel refrigerators. With her special chilling technology that could chill for up to 8 hours, Fridge-To-Go satisfies a wide range of applications in both the consumer and commercial market. Fridge-To-Go is ideal for the transportation of medications (including insulin or vial), wine, expressed milk for breastfeeding moms, and even ice creams in our high performance models.


    • Ideal 6-Can Capacity
    • Removable chilling panels
    • Ideal for cold food, cooling drinks, cooling breast milk for baby
    • Cotton/Polyester interlining causes condensation proof
    • Rear mesh pocket for storing small items
    • With top handle
    • Fully Collapsible
    • Surround Cooling up to 8 Hours
    • This is a 7-panel version, with panels covering all sides and bottom of the bag, but not the top


16cm x 16cm x 23cm


    • 420D Oxford Nylon
    • Cotton/Polyester inter-lining
    • Foil laminated insulation material


      • Remove the chilling panels from the zip pockets of Fridge-to-Go
      • Place the chilling panels in the freezer up to 8 hours or overnight.
      • When Fridge-to-Go is needed, simply take out the frozen panels from the freezer and place hack into the zip pockets of Fridge-to-Go.
      • Pack contents inside the Fridge-to-Go and it is ready to use.
      • You can put the Fridge-to-Go with panels in the freezer if there is enough space.Remove the chilling panels from the zip pockets of Fridge-to-Go
      • Wipe inside and outside of the Fridge-to-Go with damp sponge and soap.
      • Do not submerge Fridge-to-Go in water
      • Needs to be opened for drying after use.
      • Avoid placing Fridge-to-Go under direct sunlight, or high temperatures.


1 x Fridge-To-Go Pack N Go Sb Cooler Bag

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm

black, Red


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