Headband Kit – Paper Flowers


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Create crafty blooms with our new Headband Kit – Paper Flowers – an inspiring kit containing everything you need to create two beautiful headbands, topped with a bunch of handmade 3D paper ?owers.

Start by popping out the double-sided paper petals. Add your own sparkle with glitter gel pens and then get threading by passing the headband through the slots in the large ?owers. The ?owers are locked into place by layering and pressing additional paper ?owers together with double side adhesive stickers. Fold the petals upwards to create texture and dimension.

Headband Kit – Paper Flowers is rich with tasks designed to take ?ne motor skills to the next level. Pressing out ?owers, colouring in, folding and sticking all help develop and improve wrist movement, pincer grip and dexterity. Mastering the steps to complete the headbands takes determination, focus and discipline, teaching a child patience and self control. By working on these headbands, children learn the satisfaction and pride of completing a project with their own hands.

A great birthday party gift (and activity), with no scissors or glue required and all pieces included, Headband Kit – Paper Flowers is the perfect mess free, grab-and-go activity for kids.


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