ISA UCHI 4-in-1 Steam Sterilizer & Dryer


Isa Uchi 4-in-1 Steam Sterilizer & Dryer

Led Sterillizer
-Sterillizer up to 8 bottle in 8 mins by steam
-Sound alert after sterillization

Bottle Dryer
-Dry bottles & accessories quickly

Bottle & Food Warmer
-Adjustable warming time

Fruit Dehydrator
-Stable heat pwer for fresh homemade dried food & fruit(1-8hours)

What’s included:
1 pcs x Top Lid
1 pcs x Upper Tray
1 pcs x Bottle Stand
1 pcs x Body
1 pcs x Bottom Base
1 pcs x HEPA Filter
1 pcs x Filter Cover

User’s Guide Mode
-Sterillizer & Dryer (60-80mins)100ml
-Dryer (40-60mins)
-Sterillizer (8-12mins)100ml
-Retain Temperature (1-12hrs)
-Bottle Warmer (3-12mins)100ml
-Dry Fruits (1-8hrs)

Product Details
(1)Touch Control Panel
-Led display screen for digital signage including functions and working time.
(2)Keep warm & sterile
-If the lid is not opened after sterillizing and cleaning,the internal air-circulation mode will be activated to prevent re-contamination for 12 hours.
(3)Hepa Air Filter (2.5microns)
-Flter harmful air patricles & odorProtect against germs and bacteria.
(4)Three-layer Storage Space
-Big storage space for up to 8 bottles and accessories with different sizes.
(5)Anti-dry Design
-Advanced thermostat is equipped to monitor inner temperature.Power will cut off automatically once it is overheated.
(6)Fruit Dehydrator
-Stable heat power for fresh homemade dried food & fruit (1-8 hrs)


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