ISA UCHI Brand Box @ $69 (worth $219.80)


Box included:

  1. Isa Uchi Digital Sterilizer x 1
  2. Isa Uchi Bottle Warmer x 1

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Box included:

  1. Isa Uchi Digital Steam Sterilizer x 1
    Product can remain sterile to use for up to 8 hour, 9 Minutes fast sterilization process
    Capacity for hold up to all types of 7 feeding bottles or baby feeding accessories
    Red / Green BRIGHT LED display for added user safety
    Faster and better sterilization by super heating power
  2. Isa Uchi Warmer x 1
    Designed for use with any types of baby milk bottle, bottle warmer heats single bottle of formula or milk quickly and evenly.
    Single bottle operation with 3 temperature setting


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