Isa Uchi I-SMART Baby Food Processor


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‘-Heats up baby bottles and baby food jars uniformly and quickly.
-Sterilizes bottle and accessories.
-Cooks and heats up food using steam at 2 speeds depending on the type of food, conserving their nutrients.
-Keep warm the food 1 hour to 8 hours at around 40 degree.
-Auto-Remind descaling the water tank.
-Includes 2 basket for preparing food,
-Very smart touch panel for all operations.
-Adjustable angle backlit display with multiple operations and all the process information.
-Stable and very lower noise DC motor.
-Tritan material for jar, all steam baskets.
-Double safety switch on the jar and housing base,
-Jug, baskets and blades suitable for the dishwasher.
-Automatically safety disconnection when the level of water is too low and when Idle.
-Visual and sound alerts.
-It has a convenient cable storage space and all the components can be stored inside the jug, occupying minimal space when not in use.


Pink, Turquoise


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