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Max Biocare Hominaxâ  is a combination herbal and micronutrient formula at clinical levels to support male reproductive health, sperm health and sexual functionHominaxâ is the subject of a multicentre clinical trial in Australian men (1). 

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Maintain/Support Sperm and Reproductive System Health

“It takes two to tango”! In addition to Femme-F (link to Femme-F) designed for women’s reproductive health, Max Biocare also offers Hominaxâ, a unique combination of botanicals and micronutrients designed for male reproductive system and sperm health.  

Max Biocare Hominaxâ  delivers a comprehensive selection of 8 key antioxidants to protect against oxidative and toxin-induced damage to sperm DNA. Combined with carnitines, to support sperm energy levels, along with essential micronutrients to maintain the overall function of the reproductive system that are required for the sperm production process. The herbal ingredients of Withania, Green tea and Chasteberry also support health libido and provide additional, plant-derived antioxidants. 

The National Institute of Complimentary Medicine (NICM), at Western Sydney University, has been conducting a clinical triaof Hominaxâ  in Australian men aged 20-60 years to assess their fertility over a period of 24 weeks, using a range of sperm quality and general health indicators.  


  1. For further information, refer to: www.anzctr.org.au/Trial/Registration/TrialReview.aspx?id=370080.  


Pack size: 60 capsules per bottle 

DosageAdults onlycapsule daily, with a meal, or as directed by a healthcare professional.  




My wife is pregnant now, should I stop taking Hominaxâ? 

Because Hominaxâ is rich in antioxidants and nutrients that support general wellbeing, not just reproductive health, you can continue to take it, even though you have already achieved your preconception journey goals. If you are unsure, it is always advisable to ask your health professional about your own health circumstances. 



am a healthy man, can I take Hominaxâ 

Yes. Hominaxâ provides a distinct advantage to improving all aspects of sperm health including antioxidants, key energy sources and micronutrients to maintain optimal sperm production. So, Hominaxâ can provide an opportunity for men with special requirements for sperm health and compromised fertility, or for men who simply require a “top-up” to maintain their reproductive health and performance during healthy aging.  


What are antioxidantswhat do they do, and why are they important for sperm? 

Antioxidants are substances made by the body, and supplied through diet, that control toxins called free radicals. Many free radicals are called pro-oxidants, because they cause a random kind of damage called “oxidative stress”, which damages DNA, cell membranes and cellular energy productionIn tissues with high levels of energy production, rapidly dividing cellssigns of aging or inflammation, these forms of cellular damage occur with a higher frequency and the damage accumulates over time. Sperm are delicate, highly motile cells that are sensitive to damage caused by pro-oxidants, especially during aging or suboptimal health, so they require antioxidants to protect them to preserve their ability to fertilize an egg. 



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