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Max Biocare’s ImmumaxPro is a combination of medicinal herbs and micronutrients designed to support the immune system and lung health, while providing antioxidant support to reduce free radicals formed in the body, maintaining general health and wellbeing.  

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Immune System Health 

Designed for adults living and working in urban, highly populated areas, Max Biocare’s ImmumaxPro is a natural formulation combining vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B2, with potent herbal extracts, to provide targeted support for the health and function of the immune and respiratory systems during everyday situations.  

Hedera helix (Common ivy) has been used in the symptomatic relief of acute and chronic bronchitis and serves as an antispasmodic and expectorant to reduce cough and phlegm. Thyme and Black Cumin provide additional antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, while Eucalyptus oil aids in relaxing the airways for comfort in respiratory conditions.  


Pack size: 60 tablets 

Dosage: Adults: 1 tablet daily, or as directed by a healthcare professional.  



Can I take ImmumaxPro for preventing illness?  

While ImmumaxPro is effective at reducing symptoms during respiratory illnesses, it can also be taken before and during cold & flu season to stimulate the immune system, as required.  

How soon will I see the effects after taking ImmumaxPro? 

The feedback from people taking this product is that it works within minutes to hours to suppress cough and reduce respiratory symptoms. You should expect to see an overall benefit within 1 week of taking the ImmumaxPro, when taken on a daily basis or as directed by a healthcare professional.  


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