Maxucosa® delivers the highest strength at 500mg of a clinically-validated, safe, and pure fucoidan, in each single capsule. The only Australian Certified Organic (ACO) source of Undaria fucoidan, formulated for anti-aging, antioxidant, immune system health, skin health and general wellbeing and suitable for all adult age groups.  

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Max Biocare Maxucosa

500mg of Fucoidan for Anti-aging and Immunity. Maxucosa® delivers the highest strength at 500mg of a clinically-validated, safe, and pure fucoidan, in each single capsule. The only Australian Certified Organic (ACO) source of Undaria fucoidan, formulated for anti-aging, antioxidant, immune system health, skin health and general wellbeing and suitable for all adult age groups.


  • Maxucosa® delivers the highest strength, pure fucoidan, in a single 500mg capsule, formulated for anti-aging, antioxidant, immune system health, skin health and general wellbeing, and is suitable for all adult age groups.
  • Maxucosa® fucoidan is produced from sustainable marine sources in Tasmania, using a clean, non-damaging purification process, and is the only ACO certified organic and FDA approved fucoidan.
  • In nature, fucoidan is a unique substance that protects the delicate new shoots of marine algae from the ravages of the oceanic environment.
  • fucoidan is an important contributor to the health benefits of marine algae, which for centuries has been a consumed by generations of long-lived Japanese, including the Okinawans, who boast amongst the world’s highest life-expectancies.
  • Today, modern research recognizes fucoidan’s versatile health effects, in stimulating the immune system, aiding digestive health and providing antioxidant and anti-aging support.


What is fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a type of carbohydrate (polysaccharide) that makes up the structure of the leaves and new shoots of many different species of marine algae, providing protection against environmental fluctuations that can damage the plant’s cells. The fucoidan used in Maxucosa® comes from a species of brown marine algae called Undaria pinnatifida, which has been consumed in Japan and East Asian regions since ancient times.

Can taking Maxucosa® slow down the aging process?

Fucoidan extracts contain polyphenols, which are naturally occurring antioxidants that reduce free radicals formed in the body, supporting skin health. Free radical damage is higher in aging tissue and is responsible for the physical and biological damage that occurs in advancing age. Fucoidan has been shown to promote the regeneration capability of cells in the skin that maintain firmness and tightness [4] and prevents skin photoaging (aging due to sun/UV exposure) [5].

Will taking Maxucosa help me to live healthier?

It has long been recognized, especially in East Asia (e.g., South Korea and Japan), that eating brown seaweed on a regular basis can support a healthy lifestyle and lifespan. The people of Okinawa, who are known to consume 4- 6g of seaweed each day as part of their traditional diet, have some of the lowest rates of chronic disease and longest lifespans. This region’s remarkable health and longevity has seen its inclusion as a Blue Zone region, 1 of 5 areas in the world that are known for its residents leading exceptionally long and healthy lives. A healthy diet and lifestyle are also needed to support health and longevity.

How does fucoidan benefit the immune system?

Fucoidan can help stimulate the cells of the immune system against viruses and bacteria, while also itself preventing viruses from entering tissues. It has been used in people who are chronically unwell.

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