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Max Biocare’s Ovaritol® is a quality formulation using natural botanical extracts and micronutrients designed for female reproductive health, and glucose metabolism in women with ovarian health issuesIt helps to regulate a healthy menstrual cycle, as well as supporting preconception health.   


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Reproductive system health & Glucose / sugar / carbohydrate metabolism 

Max Biocare’s Ovaritol® is a premium formulation using natural botanical extracts and micronutrients, designed for female reproductive health and glucose metabolism support, in women with ovarian health issuesOvaritol® contains the amino acid, Inositol, which is involved in regulating blood sugar and insulin resistance, while providing essential nutrients for the reproductive systemFenugreek seed and Soy germ extracts (soy isoflavones) provide a combination of benefit in hormone balance, antioxidant protection and energy metabolism.  


Pack size: 60 tablets 

Dosage: Adults: 1-3 tablets twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. 




Should I still take Ovaritol® once my pregnancy is confirmed? 

No, you should stop taking Ovaritol® once the doctor has confirmed that you are pregnant.  


Can Ovaritol® help with the symptoms of PCOS 

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOSis unique in that involves a combination of hormonal and metabolic imbalances. The nutrient and botanicals in Ovaritol® have been used in both types of imbalances, including inositol for normalizing carbohydrate metabolism, soy isoflavones for hormonal balancing effects, and fenugreek for each of these. Ovaritol® also provides important micronutrients for preconception health, including niacin, iodine, folate and vitamin D, which support reproductive system function, as well as general health and wellbeing.  




I am having difficulty becoming pregnant because of my PCOS. How would Ovaritol® help? 

Ovaritol® has been formulated with ingredients chosen for their effects on normalizing reproductive hormones and carbohydrate metabolism, to enable normal egg quality and ovulation regularity. The additional micronutrients support healthy reproductive system function and general health and wellbeing, while the herbal and micronutrient ingredients’ combined antioxidant effects protect the reproductive system from oxidative stress. Normal conception requires all of these factors to work together and optimally.   


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