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Max Biocare Restorel is a comprehensiveliver detox formulation featuring 10 active ingredients, a fusion of modern research and traditional therapeutic knowledge.  

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Liver Health, Detoxification & Digestive Function 

The combination of herbs and nutrients in Restorel supportoptimal liver function and health, enabling it to perform as the body’s detoxification center. 


  • Liver function and health: Globe artichoke, Schizandra, dandelion, taurine, choline, inositol 
  • Detoxification and free radical defense: Milk thistle, glutathione sourced from Setria®*, BroccoPhane®** and broccoli powder  


* Setria® is a registered trademark of KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD.  ** BroccoPhane® is a registered trademark of Cyvex Nutrition, Inc.  



Pack size: 60 tablets per bottle 

Dosage: Adults only: tablet twice daily; or as directed by healthcare professional. Not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding.  



sometimes make poor dietary choices, or eat & drink too much. Can Restorel help to reduce the impact of these on my liver?  

There are many dietary and lifestyle factors that place a burden on the liver. These reduce its short-term and long-term efficiency in clearing toxins and performing its daily processing functions. The ingredients in Restorel are designed to collectively support the natural cleansing roles of the liver, helping it to deal with the effects of dietary burdens 

Is Restorel suitable for women? 

Yes. Women (and men) often suffer from hormonal ups and downs, which can affect digestion, mood, metabolism, and all aspects of general health and wellbeing. One of the important roles of the liver is to convert some hormones into their active forms around the body. Therefore, maintaining healthy liver function also relates to healthy hormone function. 



What else does the liver do, aside from helping the body process fats and cholesterol? 

The liver is one of the hardest working organs in the body. It is a storehouse for a range of vitamins, minerals, hormonesmetabolites and enzymes. It constantly monitors and removes waste products from the blood, detoxifies the body from what we eat or drink, from foreign substances and infections. This is why the liver is considered a vital organ  it is essential for healthy living 



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