Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit


Let Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit guide you into your new breastfeeding journey. Comes with breast milk storage bags, milk bottles, nipple cream and more.

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Everything a mum needs for the first few weeks is right here. The Medela Breastfeeding Starter Kit contains a range of products to get you off to a right start on your breastfeeding journey ? whether you are breastfeeding exclusively or pumping milk alongside breastfeeding. It is an easy solution for collecting, storing and feeding milk, for caring for your baby and for easily disinfecting your equipment.

The Breastfeeding Starter Kit is a complete solution for starting your breastfeeding experience. It contains all the relevant Medela breast pump accessories:

  • With?Calma, the baby can drink breast milk while maintaining the natural rhythm, as milk flows only when the baby creates a vacuum by sucking. With Calma, there is no need to buy different flow teats as the baby grows, because babies regulate the flow themselves.
  • The Medela breast milk storage solution is easy and space-saving, with two 150ml?breast milk bottles?and five?Pump & Save breast milk bags.
  • 12?Disposable Nursing Pads?with soft, comfortable lining: super absorbent for long-lasting dryness.
  • Natural, hypoallergenic nipple and skin care with?PureLan100:?7g of pure lanolin.
  • Quick Clean microwave bag?to disinfect in three minutes. Eliminates 99.9% of the most common bacteria and germs.
  • All the accessories you need in the first couple of weeks when you are breastfeeding
  • An easy way to switch from breast to bottle and back with Calma
  • An easy way to collect and store breast milk
  • Natural breast and nipple care
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