Scalp Tonic 01 STRONG ROOTS 250 ml


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Winner of the prestigous Made in Singapore Award (Innovation) 2018, an intelligent root care formula that combines natural DHT-blocker with anti-inflammatory and scalp rejuvenation actives. Keeps our scalp healthy, clean and fresh all-day! For hair loss due to hormone imbalance from postpartum symptoms, menopause, medication or lifestyle changes. Colourless, near odourless, non-sticky, alcohol-free, paraben-free and oil-free. Colour safe and perfect for sensitive scalp. Prevents premature falling of “baby” hair and fosters growth to maturity! During use, it stiffens up the hair near the root area to give a desirable lift for easy styling that lasts all day. Direction: Spray once per area on your scalp. Spread over with your fingers and comb through. Use 1-3 times daily. Use with Scalp Tonic 02- Hair Growth to accelerate hair growth.

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