SmarTrike T3 Scooter

Get your kid to be active with this SmarTrike T3 Scooter. Enable the T-lock and let your child learn how to ride while feeling secure, helping them to gain confidence.

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SmarTrike T3 Scooter is a two-stage 3-wheel scooter:

  1. Stage 1. Practicing & Gaining Confidence!
    T-lock function is enabled, preventing the handlebars from tilting allowing your child to feel secure while they learn how to ride, allowing them to gain the confidence they need to become a scooter master!
  2. Stage 2: Freestyle Riding!
    Turn the T-lock to engage the tilting mechanism allowing your child to ride freestyle, and show off their new skills!


  • Patented 2 stage riding
  • Stage 1 upright forward riding
  • Stage 2- more complex riding with limited tilting
  • TPR rubber footplate
  • Tilting Handlebar
  • Soft touch rubber grips with handles
  • Easy reach back foot brake
  • 2 years and above
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm


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