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Our super soft pop-in training pants ease the transition from nappy to potty, to take the puddles out of potty training. ? Designed to look and feel like grown-up pants, they still let little ones feel the wetness and can be pulled up and down easily. ?Unlike ‘normal’ pants our super training pants have a little extra help hidden inside; tucked away out of sight is a combination of absorbent and waterproof materials to help minimize the mess of any little accidents. Pop-in training pants are designed to absorb one toddler sized wee, giving you a little more time and fewer puddles on the journey to potty independence! We have injected an element of fun into the designs with our retro prints which little ones won?t be able to resist putting on!


Key Features

* Designed to look and feel like grown-up pants

* Can be pulled up and down easily

* Rustle-free materials allow little ones to feel the wetness

* Will absorb one medium sized toddler wee

* Fun designs your toddler will love

* Please use only for daytime training

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm


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