Visiofocus Mini Thermometer


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Hospital Grade Thermometer That Was Used During Sars Period For Its Accuracy!!

Pocket Size For Easy Storing and Bringing Out With you!

Non-Contact and It Tells You Exactly How Far From Your Baby For Accurate Reading!

Hygienic and easy to use, VisioFocus® is the non-contact thermometer recommended by doctors and pediatricians:

– the only thermometer in the world that projects the temperature reading
– the projection system also indicates the correct reading distance
– silent, it does not touch the skin and does not disturb your child’s sleep
– measures and projects the temperature of objects, food, liquids (1 to 80°C / 33.8 to 176°F) and the skin, as well as the ambient temperature
– 5 colors illuminated display
– 9 memories

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Dimensions 50 × 15 × 20 cm


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