Youguth Green Energy Up


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Green Energy Up
Gut Health + Vitality Boost
2g x 30 sachets

Energy to Take On Any Day
Perfect for fast-moving urbanites with an active lifestyle, the probiotics in Green Energy Up work behind the scenes to regulate and support overall well-being by maintaining an optimal digestive system at all times. Enriched with ginkgo biloba extract and vitamin B, it provides the mental and physical edge you need to get the most out of your day.

Improve your Gut Health
Consuming certain meats, fatty or fried foods, or drinking alcohol and caffeine can reduce the growth of good bacteria in your gut, resulting in an imbalance with more harmful bacteria left. Introducing beneficial bacteria in probiotics supplements can restore the balance between good and bad bacteria in your digestive system to help maintain your gut health.

Boost your Vitality
Your energy levels can be affected by stress and other environmental factors you face through the day. Vitamin B complex can help your energy levels and promote a sense of balance between body and mind. Ginkgo biloba extract contains flavonoids with antioxidant properties that help improve cognitive functions.


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