YOUGUTH Mommy’s Ready


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Youguth Mommy’s Ready

Specially formulated for pregnant mummies and newborn. Youguth Mommy’s Ready is specially formulated with 100% safe ingredients and fortifed with probiotics and high-purity Mother’s Oligo-P, a prebiotics found in breast milk to help pregnant mothers and babies stay healthy. During pregnancy, several hormonal and immunological changes take place in a woman’s body and she needs all the help she can get to maintain a healthy gut. The same goes for babies with their digestive and immune system rapidly developing.


  • Help pregnant women and babies maintain great gut health
  • Safe ingredients
  • Contains Mother’s Oligo-P, aprebiotics found in breast milk
  • Slow absorbing healthysugar Palatinose
  • Due to hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy, some mothers may experience difficulty passing stool due to slower bowel movement. Introducing digestive-boosting probiotics into your diet will help support regular bowel activity.
  • No harmful additives


1 x Youguth Mommy’s Ready (60 sachets)




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