Suitable for: 0m+
Best features: Great variety, laminated and sturdy cards, water and stain resistant, smooth and round edges, eco-friendly
Worst features: Your baby might never let them go
Price: $$
Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10

BC Babycare is a really interesting brand that collaborates with world renowned industrial designers, graphic designers and illustrators from the U.S., Canada, Japan, amongst other countries. All their products are ISO Safety certified and made from safe, eco-friendly materials. 

I think nearly every parent these days invests in at least one set of flashcards for their kids. Flashcards are an easy way to introduce concepts to children as it introduces pictorial clues as a form of visual stimulation, in addition to auditory learning. Some flashcards even have grooves, to introduce sensory learning. 

There are six booklets in the set, each of which thoughtfully comes with the option of a ring binder (yes!! No mess!!). The six sets are alphabets, numbers, shapes, animals, fruits and vegetables. A pretty good and unisex variety. 

The illustrations are fun and not overly cute-sy, which is great. I also love that they use real pictures of animals, fruits and vegetables on these cards, rather than abstract (and sometimes inaccurate) cartoons. 

As your child gets older, your child will be able to answer the interactive questions on some of the cards – a feature that most other flashcards sets do not have. This also means the lifespan on this set is comparatively much longer. 

Overall, it’s a really value-for-money set, with a much longer lifespan than its peers in the market. It’s handy and portable, making it easy to bring out so your child can have fun matching items he or she has seen on the cards. The supermarket would be a great place to start! 

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