Suitable for: 4 and above
Best features: Compact, no preparation required, encourages imaginative play and helps children practice fine motor skills.
Worst features: Contains small parts (i.e. marker caps), may not be appropriate for those with siblings.
Price: $$
Overall Rating: 6.5 / 10

Lovingly designed and illustrated in Australia, Tiger Tribe has a whole range of colouring books and sets to suit any child – others in this series include mermaid / monster dress up sets, neon outer space / road stars colouring sets, glittery sets and even a crazy eyes set, which will undoubtedly induce non-stop giggles.

The best feature about this set is its thoughtful packaging, which clearly prioritises a parent’s needs and considerations. The colouring pages are spiral bound together and flip upwards (no loose sheets!), with a compartment at the left for stickers and 10 markers. 

Everything in the set is enclosed in a sturdy, compact magnetically sealed box, giving parents the perfect opportunity to entrust their children to manage and take ownership of this set on their own.

Early childhood development experts believe that colouring is an important activity because it:-

  • enhances concentration
  • provides opportunity to practise fine motor skills
  • develops spatial awareness
  • enhances visual perception

The items vary in each set and parent supervision is not necessary, for most children. With colouring activities, parents should not feel stressed if your child seems to lose interest or colours in a way that is beyond what you think is the norm. Remember, this is time for experimentation! 

When your child’s attention starts to wander, trying striking up conversation with your child:-

  • What do you think is happening here? 
  • Do you think the unicorn is sleepy, or so happy it can’t open its eyes?
  • Why did you colour this orange? 
  • Don’t you like the pattern over here? 

Let your child articulate what they’re thinking and give them opportunity to make associations between objects and characters on the page. This naturally leads them to strengthen their critical thinking skills. 

Overall, while it is relatively pricey compared to some colouring books out there, it does come with additional materials such as markers, stickers and the handy magnetic closure box. Parents and children alike will love the beautiful illustrations and the thematic nature of each book does inspire imagination. 

Colouring sets are retailing between $12.90 - $24.80 and available for purchase at our e-shop or visit our retail shop at Mt A or Secom Centre.

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