ISA UCHI Bean Pillow, Assorted Colours


Filled with 100% natural beansprout husks, this Isa Uchi Bean Pillow is 100% handmade with love, providing support and comfort to your baby when they are resting.

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Isa Uchi Bean Pillow, Assorted Colours

This beansprout pillow is filled with 100% natural beansprout husks that have been gathered, sunned and carefully sorted by hand to ensure that only the best husks are used.Quality 100% Handmade.


  • Husk is cleaned, sieved, and sterilised before filling
  • Rustling sound of the husk is able to calm baby and sooth baby to sleep easily.
  • Reduced the startling impact for baby when noises are made .
  • Lightweight with desired volume to provide for the comfort for baby.


1 x Isa Uchi Bean Pillow, Assorted Colours