From the minute they are born, a child produces more than a million neural connections each second; and early childhood literacy experts unanimously agree that the early childhood years are the most critical years of brain development.

So how do we capitalise on this?

How do we develop our child’s cognitive skills through conversation?

We created an easy step-by-step guide for parents and caregivers to use, check it out in our infographic below!

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More Tips and Tricks!

  • Give your child time to speak – children take longer to process their thoughts and form conclusions. Giving your child time to speak provides valuable time for them to practice organising their thoughts coherently.


  • Plan ahead – quality interactions are more easily achieved when the parent or caregiver intentionally plans ahead. E.g. prepare materials with a similar touch and feel, or do a simple science experiment that can help the child understand the concept better (e.g. floating objects in the water, or mixing watercolours are simple science experiments you can do), or plan an outing.


  • Be Flexible – Children are unpredictable and can have very interesting thoughts! Be flexible and follow their train of thought, enjoy the journey of discovery together! Children are ego-centric and learn better when the topic follows their interest.


  • Encourage different and new ways of thinking – Have your child draw it, shape it with playdough, find objects similar to it or read stories about it. Guide your child in the many different ways one can talk and think about it.

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