“Did you know that the Rat is the first animal to win the race in the Chinese Zodiac 12-year cycle? The ever-industrious Rat, eager to be first and highest in rank, woke up the earliest amongst all the other animals on the day of the important race. Unperturbed by the river that posed as an obstacle, it used its quick wit to convince the Ox to let it ride in its ear — to help it get across the river. Upon passing the river safely, the Rat then jumped off the Ox’s ear and sped its way past the palace gates and onto the feet of the Emperor – making it to the highest ranks of the Heavenly Guards!

These small, whiskered mammals are often misunderstood but the qualities they are known for, are certainly admirable. According to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, the year of the Rat will begin on 25th January 2020 and end on February 11th 2021. So, if you are expecting a baby in the Year of the Rat, read on to find out more about what you can expect from a Rat baby and how you can help your little bub, realise his or her fullest potential!

Intelligent and Quick-Witted

As the Zodiac story goes, a baby born under the Rat sign is quick-witted and persistent in nature. Naturally curious, a Rat baby loves to read, and explore things to develop its own intelligence. Not one to follow small goals, a Rat baby draws on its resourcefulness to chart, pursue and achieve big ambitions in life often making the most out of every good opportunity —completely unfazed by obstacles as it is accustomed to thinking on its feet. It follows that a baby born under the Rat sign is often wealthy and prosperous too. To help a Rat baby fulfil his or her true nature, encourage lots of reading from a young age and allow your curious baby to explore his or her environment as much as possible.

Patient & Resilient

You would be very happy to know that a Rat baby ranks high in patience especially in waiting to get his or her demands met. But, a Rat baby is equally resilient in nature. Meaning, it will keep at it until it gets what it wants! That’s how patient it can be! So, parents with Rat babies should continue modelling patience and resilience in overcoming daily obstacles. This will then help to equip your Rat baby with a healthy response when dealing with setbacks later in life.

Shy and Modest

A Rat baby may be shy and modest but it possesses good leadership qualities. Its kind and trusting nature may make it a little naive and may easily be tricked by a Monkey baby, for instance. Encouraging constant dialogue with open communication, keeping them well informed on the current events in the world, and even teaching them how to be sceptical in a healthy way, may help them to be more worldly wise and less likely to be taken for a ride.

Active and Sporty!

Nimble and agile, a baby born under the Rat sign is thought to be athletic and enjoys sports. You may want to include an exercise regime for yourself to keep up with your energizer baby! Demonstrating a keen interest in exploration and travel, your Rat baby may prove to be a worthy travel companion if you are a globetrotting parent yourself!

So how many or how little of the above traits will your soon-to-be Rat baby, possess? Well, a lot certainly remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, with its sociable, trustworthy and wonderful personality all around, you will be loving on your Rat baby, for sure!

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