Nutritionists believe that our cravings are rooted in nutritional deficiencies. So, what could those cravings mean? 

We empathise with every mother who is struggling with cravings that are hard to deny, yet trying to stick to a specific diet due to religion, personal beliefs or other reasons. Check out our guide below for possible substitutions!

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I’m already taking multi-vitamins / pre-natal vitamins, so why is my body asking for more?

Our human bodies are complex and how we process and absorb vitamins comprises of many interconnected processes. Scientists have always known that humans absorb vitamins best when they are consumed in their natural forms, i.e. in the foods they naturally occur in. Foods are a complex source of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, all of which are absorbed best when digested together by our bodies.

The exact difference in efficacy between consumption of vitamins in supplement form versus vitamins in its natural form has not been determined as it differs from individual to individual.

Regardless of your cravings, it’s important to consistently eat a variety of foods and a balanced diet. Check out our post on Eating Well here!


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