Back in the days when we were young and free, MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing games) were dear to our hearts.

The general idea of any MMORPG is this – together with a team, you work together to conquer a dungeon, complete a quest, or raid the enemy. The team typically comprises characters of different classes; and each class would have its own unique abilities.  

In any game, each member is expected to observe the situation, automatically deploy their abilities to the team’s best advantage; and help the team achieve the key objective. Sound familiar? 

Parenthood is pretty much the same – and even if you’ve had experience raising a kid, each child’s personality, tendencies and ability to wreak havoc can be drastically different.

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I foresee that some of you die-hard fans out there will want to crucify me for some visual inaccuracies here but hey, this is an article about parenthood, not the game! 

As parents, you will find yourself inevitably taking on various roles throughout your parenthood journey – there’s no “set” job scope, because your child is an unpredictable, developing little wonder. We’re all trying our best on this parenthood adventure together, there’s no perfect route. What’s important is being aligned on key objectives as a team. Is this a matter that needs to be dealt firmly with discipline, or is our goal to evacuate the premises? 

Simple acts such as checking the household supplies of frequently used items such as baby wash, diapers, wet wipes, or calling ahead to the restaurant to reserve a baby chair and child utensils may seem to be a simple task that takes just five minutes of your time, but instantly transforms you into a hero in the eyes of your wife / main caretaker. 

Likewise, dedicating time to specifically attend to her needs, or going out of your way to buy her favourite food / drink / flowers, will do wonders for her mental health, sanity and overall mood. 

With initiative, comes trust; and with trust, the mother / main caretaker will feel a huge relief from her mental workload because she now knows you are a reliable, awesome team mate. 

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